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3 Features That Make Magento Enterprise Different From Shopify Plus    

Selecting an enterprise e-commerce platform can be a challenging task especially for starters. You can choose one that has no advanced features and make you run a business of less return. It is for this reason why you need to use Magento enterprise and Shopify plus. They are the leading platforms when it comes to boosting your sales. However, the two platforms have different features. In this essence, you need to define your business needs to know the platform to use. Here are features that make Magento enterprise different from Shopify plus:

Magento enterprise is an open source platform

Many retailers have no idea about the type of enterprise e-commerce platform to use. They end up using a platform that does not align with their business needs. Magento enterprise is an open source platform which does not come with its features. You will have to do coding to come up with advanced features that will enhance your business growth. However, if you have no idea of coding, you will spend millions of dollars hiring a designer. The designers charge a tremendous amount of money. Thus, if you have budgetary constraints, Magento enterprise is not a good idea for you. You can use Shopify plus which comes with advanced features and a user-friendly interface. With this, you will create a professional online store by yourself.

International retailing

Many retailers run a business of less return because they target the locals only. They forget that reaching both local and international customers is essential to boost your sales. Magento enterprise becomes a leading platform with the multi-store capability. It will allow you to manage several stores using a single interface. Also, it supports various currencies that will enable you to sell your products to international customers. For the Shopify plus, these features do not exist. However, it is working hard to ensure that all the retailers boost their sales by reaching both local and international customers.


It is a reality that all the customers love shopping from a unique online store. They like the way some retailers present their products. In this essence, you need to have the customization feature on your online store. It will offer you the freedom to take total control of your store. Magento enterprise is excellent when it comes to customizing. Because it is an open source platform, it will allow you to perform the coding and add significant features. When you feel that your store is not functioning well, you can easily make changes. Shopify plus is not far much behind. It comes with customizable templates to allow you to create a unique store.

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